Sunday, June 10

Icons & Shirts & Stuff

Here's the first line of Wippets Mac Icons for your computer. Available for download here.

Here is Nate's original concept sketch for Spafford, isn't it great?!

I only noticed yesterday that the Project Puppet blog had mentioned the Wippets long ago, thanks guys!

In other news...
I'm in the process of uploading all Wippets Episodes to Veoh. It's another YouTube style site, as well as PodLounge, another video
podcast feed link. Wippets exposure is slowly expanding through out the webernet!

A guy by the name of Henry mentioned us here. It's kinda crazy how many incoming links we now have when we Google the Wippets.

The men's version of the Jimmy T-shirt is now available for online purchase, at the extra low price of $17.84. The pink women's version is also up for only $18.89.

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