Wednesday, May 30

Episode 54

Phil along with new cast member Jimmy, sing happy birthday to Krista Allison.

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"New & Notable"

Wippets on the iTunes front page yesterday for Podcasts/Comedy:

Monday, May 28

Episode 53

Barff desperately tries to help Caroline with her illness.

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The Wippets interviewed on

Go here:
and click on the little 'playnow' text for Show #7
to pop up the audio player, (or just hit the 'download' link).
You can then fast forward to 47:30 to hear our interview.
The whole podcast is great to listen to, part documentary,
part news-update, part showcase of rare Muppet music,
skits, cast/crew interviews, and all well edited together.

A big thanks to Steve Swanson for chatting with us!

Thursday, May 24

A Spafford Special Presentation

Continuing the documentary-style show about animators in their
natural habitat, hosted by Spafford. Witness how he provides a
behind-the-scenes glimpse at how cartoon-makers live.

Part 1

Part 2

The Wippets on iTunes!

After a whole lot of fooling around, making mistakes, and doing everything backwards, I finally got the official Wippets iTunes podcast to work. It wasn't the "easy" task that I had hoped it would be, but it's finally done. Not only is it on iTunes but its registered onto Vod Pod, Pod Show, Feedburner, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle and the famous

So now you can watch the Wippets on iTunes
in all their pocasting glory:

Other sources for The Wippets screenings:
• The Wippets Video Network Collection
• The Wippets Podshow Archive
• The Wippets on Vod:Pod
• The Wippets on
• The Wippets on Podcast Alley
• The Wippets Feedburner
• The Wippets RSS Feed Link

If there's any links that don't work feel free to metion it to me,
I'm new to this RSS / XML stuff.

Many thanks to all the other blogs and websites that have mentioned us, I'm in your debt for your links to The Wippets which helps us reach a wider audience:

Puppet Vision
Puppet Buzz
Puppet Builder
Gregory's Insanities
Mike Adair's Blog
Mike Higgins' Blog
dotBoom Blog
Furry Folks

Monday, May 21

Episode 52

Barff trains for an arm-wrestling match and then goes head to head with Jamie The Juggernaught!

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Saturday, May 19

Wippets in Motion

In an attempt to expand the Wippets audience a bit, I've uploaded
all 50+ episodes to the YouTube-like server known as DailyMotion.
So now we have another location for kids to enjoy the Wippets' antics.

Monday, May 14

Episode 51

Barff tries to get Caroline to spin some tassels...
with hilarious results!

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Friday, May 11

A Photo Shoot

Just having some fun, snapping picures.

Here's the guy who builds my lovely little puppet stands.

Friday, May 4

Episode 50

The much-anticipated Wippets new music video called
"Why Does The Sun Shine?" - performed by They Might Be Giants.
Originally taken from an educational recording from the 1959 album Space Songs. Sit back and enjoy our 50th show!

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