Thursday, January 29

Episode 127

Barff & Monkalope have some hallucinations. Phil is introduced to Monkalope's new hand puppet. Burnaby locks out Phil from the office. Barff meets Monkalope's new friend.

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Saturday, January 24

Episode 126

Monkalope has a strange encounter
with G.I. Bear the Optometrist.

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Inspiration- Part 9

It's no surprise that Jim Henson's The Muppet Show is probably the number one source of inspiration for all of us here at The Wippets. Below is the rare unaired pilot episode of the original Muppet Show. The characters and style of the show changed very little compared to the actual first episode and series that eventually premiered, this is a great example of a variety show's test pilot made during its last stages of development. It feels even more like a Monty Python style puppet show than ever, pure genius!

Muppet Show Original - PART 1
Muppet Show Original - PART 2
Muppet Show Original - PART 3

See also the clips below,
The Jim Henson Hour Original Pitch Tapes:

Monday, January 19

Episode 125

Hep Cat meets up with G.I. Bear.

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New Cast Members!

After a two-month hiatus, we're back!
Unfortunately we lost the location we usually film at, and now it's a bit more difficult for the puppeteers to get together with conflicting schedules and new day jobs and all that. However, we're making a conscious effort to get re-motivated and start shooting some scenes again, sorry for the delays.

Introducing new Wippets: Oswald and Simon (shown above), created by Justin Porter, he's our newest puppeteer, and was also the creator of Razzle, Burnaby, and G.I. Bear. We're glad to have him on board and he's constantly working on new characters. So keep your eyes peeled, he'll be fabricating new puppets for the Wippets Army over the next coming months.

Also, check out Betty's new hair!