Monday, February 26

Episode 37

Barff & Curtis wish a Happy Birthday to Alice Crant.

See Quicktime here.

Monday, February 19

Episode 36

What's in the box?

See Quicktime here.

Monday, February 12

Episode 35

Spafford & Caroline give out a Happy Valentine's Day Video Greeting.

See Quicktime version here.

Tuesday, February 6

Episode 34

Spafford meets up with the legendary Tom Baasner.

See the Quicktime version here.

Monday, February 5

Camera Test

Testing out the focus options and HD settings on my new camera was fun.
I need a lot more practice with my acting, so I'll be posting more of these soon.
We've got plans for future episodes so please keep checking in on us, we've got
arm wrestling, pan handling, and more music videos on the way!

Saturday, February 3

Episode 33

Spafford tries to persuade Caroline to be his Valentine.

See Quicktime version here.

Friday, February 2

Episode 32

The Wippets say Happy Valentine's Day to: Adam from: Kathy.

See the Quicktime version here.

Thursday, February 1

Here's some samples of our Puppet Video Greetings!

E-mail requests to:
Include any details you wish to be mentioned in the video.
If the video needs to be broadcast at a specific date, let
us know of the deadline. Once the video is filmed and posted,
we will send you an e-mail with the link, for you to send to
your friend or loved one.