Thursday, March 29

Episode 42

Spafford meets up with Nikki after their night of passion, but we learn that she's suffering from an unusual side-effect from their date.

See Quicktime here.

Camera Test 2

Acting tests done a while ago, practicing some takes and expressions.

Monday, March 26

Introducing... FLETCH!

Special guest star, Fletch came to visit Barff on set. Fletch was puppeteered by the very talented James Timothy Michael Nobes.

See Quicktime here.

Hi-tech sets and equipment

The famous 18-year-old couch where all
our recent skits have been filmed... in color!

An exclusive behind the scenes shot
where the pupeteers plant their butts
behind the couch, watch the monitor,
and attempt to be funny.

The automated moving pictures capturing device,
resting on a tripod, adjustible for up to 6 feet high.

A hot light from the hardware store, thanks
to Stephanie for suggesting it. Hanging
precariously from a hook, lighting the
set, melting the paint off the pilar.

Friday, March 23

Episode 41

Spafford hooks up with a new dame by the name of Nikki.

See Quicktime here.

Wednesday, March 14

Episode 40

Spafford hires Michael Dixon to cook up
new strategies for persuading Caroline.

See Quicktime video here.

Episode 39

A Gun Safety lesson for David in Afghanistan,
starring Barff, Krysta, Mike, and Calamity Caroline.

See Quicktime Video here.

Episode 38

Barff, Krista, Mike and Caroline wish Ma-chelle and Gillian
a 'Happy Truck Day'.

See Quicktime video here.


The classic Spafford & Caroline Valentines Special
now has the fixed video link.
Also, check out the amazing puppets of Jarrod Boutcher.