Thursday, March 29

Episode 42

Spafford meets up with Nikki after their night of passion, but we learn that she's suffering from an unusual side-effect from their date.

See Quicktime here.


Anne-Renée said...

Did the quality of You Tube get significantly better? This video is so clear and colourful!~

Ron said...

Better lighting, a higher bitrate for the video compression, and Nikki's Frosted Flakes shirt are to blame.

Mirco said...

What a jerk that spaford is. Spreding rashes on his booty calls. Disgusting, what a horrible puppet/muppet. If only he had some sort of hat that would change my mind.

Easy Zee said...

Go Spaford! You lucky dog.

I love THE WIPPETS!! Keep the video's coming.