Thursday, January 31

A Wippets Special Announcement

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Wednesday, January 30


Phil has recently announced that he is the new self-appointed General Manager of The Wippets. With this new found authority he promises to streamline production, cut down on expenses, find new and affordable talent, hire better make-up artists and assistants, improve working conditions, and find more comfortable poles to rest on.

This is what Spafford had to say in a recent interview in regards to these claims:
"I don't think he can pull off this type of job and remain professional, he's a wuss! In fact I think I could do a better job running this outfit... there would be plenty more dames around if I were in charge that's for sure."
Here's what Hep Cat had to say about the situation:
"I haven't had the pleasure of working with Phil directly yet, but I am cautiously optimistic on his statements about improving the production flow. As long as there's a bigger budget for whips, handcuffs and leather in future episodes, then I'm all for it."
Phil's response to the controversy:
"I'd just like to mention the fact that only 24 hours after I began my new tasks as Wippets' General Manager that I was able to promote the latest show online with unprecedented results! On January 29th the Wippets ranked NUMBER ONE in Canada under the category of "Most Viewed Comedy" on YouTube. I do believe my marketing skills speak for them self."
Can Phil wrangle these future puppet stars and whip them into shape? Only time will tell.

Sunday, January 27

Episode 95

Miss Betty talks about sexually transmitted diseases in Chapter 2 of her Personal Health Education Class, with her faithful assistant, Jimmy.

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Thursday, January 24

Inspiration - Part 4

The Mr. Wooka Puppet Show is one of the funniest gang of puppets you'll ever meet! The characters and voices are spectacular, the sets are simple but very effective, and you can't help but marvel at how well the puppeteers handle these guys and instill so much life into them.

This puppet show is part of the children's television series Nanalan'. It is one of the Mr. Wooka puppet shows by the Grog company that make Mr. Meaty. Nanalan's crazy characters and stories are just absurdly hilarious in every way.

Monday, January 21

Episode 94

The Wippets start putting on the Ritz.

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Thursday, January 17

Watercolor Wippets

Painted by the madman unicyclist known as of Ian Gallant!

Wippets expanding across the interwebs!

I now have a family of 10 regular members and 8 additional guests on the Wippets. I never thought I'd ever have this many when I started 14 months ago. So now I have officially and completely run out of shelf space in my office.

Podcast Alley and Podshow have been reinvigorated, with the latest Wippets episodes added to their repertoire! This now includes new episodes viewable on iTunes!

Other places the Wippets have been infecting are Technorati: An amazing blog tracker. As well as Zimbio: Another blog/webcast engine and Super Deluxe: The most hilarious collection of videos ever, home to the animated Professor Brothers which is the funniest thing ever!

I remember when there was only 8 or 9 puppet podcasts 14 months ago, now there's over 25. Puppets are taking over the information superhighway!

Monday, January 14

Episode 93

Hep Cat makes his first appearance on the show.

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Sunday, January 13

Hep Cat

Introducing the newest Wippets cast member:
Here's his first photo shoot,
complete with armpit and belly hair!

The puppet was built by the immensely talented Jarrod Boutcher.
Here's the original sketch by Mark Cappello.

Sunday, January 6

Episode 92

The Wippets bid a fond farewell to Caroline.

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Friday, January 4

Episode 91

Barff has a candid discussion with Ellen and Shawn.

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