Thursday, January 17

Wippets expanding across the interwebs!

I now have a family of 10 regular members and 8 additional guests on the Wippets. I never thought I'd ever have this many when I started 14 months ago. So now I have officially and completely run out of shelf space in my office.

Podcast Alley and Podshow have been reinvigorated, with the latest Wippets episodes added to their repertoire! This now includes new episodes viewable on iTunes!

Other places the Wippets have been infecting are Technorati: An amazing blog tracker. As well as Zimbio: Another blog/webcast engine and Super Deluxe: The most hilarious collection of videos ever, home to the animated Professor Brothers which is the funniest thing ever!

I remember when there was only 8 or 9 puppet podcasts 14 months ago, now there's over 25. Puppets are taking over the information superhighway!

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