Thursday, May 29

Episode 103

Monkalope recounts his experience after using Spafford's lady-pickup system.

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Saturday, May 24

Episode 102

Monkalope tries his new pick-up techniques on the unsuspecting Betty.

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Monday, May 19

Episode 101

Spafford teaches Monkalope how to pick the right lady.

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Introducing Jerry

Our 20th puppet is added to the cast.
My plans for Jerry were to originally have him as a shady used car salesman personality. But as always when you start practicing with a character something totally new evolves from it, keep visiting to see his first appearance, coming soon.

Puppet built by Brian Hogg.

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Blythe Church, the master craftswoman of plush and felt is becoming more popular as her amazing talents get noticed.

See her updated blog here,
her awesome Flickr Monsters site here,
and the award winning soft sculptures here.

Tuesday, May 13

The 100th Episode in one complete online format for all to see:

Thanks to Andrew at PuppetVision for showing off this episode.

Friday, May 9

Episode 100

The ground-breaking 25 minute special is finally here!
After a two month hiatus, The Wippets have returned!

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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YouTube Version:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Photos from the puppet shoot:

See this funny outtake: