Wednesday, January 30


Phil has recently announced that he is the new self-appointed General Manager of The Wippets. With this new found authority he promises to streamline production, cut down on expenses, find new and affordable talent, hire better make-up artists and assistants, improve working conditions, and find more comfortable poles to rest on.

This is what Spafford had to say in a recent interview in regards to these claims:
"I don't think he can pull off this type of job and remain professional, he's a wuss! In fact I think I could do a better job running this outfit... there would be plenty more dames around if I were in charge that's for sure."
Here's what Hep Cat had to say about the situation:
"I haven't had the pleasure of working with Phil directly yet, but I am cautiously optimistic on his statements about improving the production flow. As long as there's a bigger budget for whips, handcuffs and leather in future episodes, then I'm all for it."
Phil's response to the controversy:
"I'd just like to mention the fact that only 24 hours after I began my new tasks as Wippets' General Manager that I was able to promote the latest show online with unprecedented results! On January 29th the Wippets ranked NUMBER ONE in Canada under the category of "Most Viewed Comedy" on YouTube. I do believe my marketing skills speak for them self."
Can Phil wrangle these future puppet stars and whip them into shape? Only time will tell.

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Kathy said...

Congratulations on your success Phil. I'm sure that you can bring the Wippets to No. 1 in North America as well :)