Thursday, June 7

Numbers & Merchandise

New shirts!!!
Here's the women's version of the newly designed tee available at Click on image to buy your own Jimmy on Pink today!A men's version on a brown shirt will be available soon.

Last week, for a brief moment, The Wippets were on the iTunes
"Top 100 Podcasts list". I took a quick screen grab just to see us ahead of National Geographic and Family Guy. Our "popularity" bar soared and it had 154 downloads on its first day of broadcast, it's been averaging 60 per day ever since.
Thanks to everyone for all your support!


Gillian said...

WOOO JIMMY!!! *whips out VISA*

Steve from The MuppetCast said...

So, are you going thru podshow to host the vidcast? I thought I saw that "download request" graphic style from podshow's control panel when I used to do a show on their system.

Go Wippets!!!!

Ron said...

Yeah Podshow is the one I use, unfortunately I can only have 50 shows going on at once so iTunes only displays my most recent 50 posts, but that's cool.

Zaida said...

Well said.