Friday, June 1

A "productive" week for the Wippets

This week The Wippets ranked at #67 on the iTunes Top 100!!!
I have no clue how, but judging from the fact that there's a trillion podcasts out there that it must mean something.

Also, we got 300 visits to the site this week, our biggest audience yet! We usually only average 80-120 hits every week.

Our beautiful stickers came in from, so we'll be plastering these all over town.

The animators at the studio found a better way to update our giant window faces at our office buidling (without having to use the usual scaling options on our photocopier). Using the amazing Rasterbator, they printed, trimmed, taped, and posted up some 60 inch-long posters of The Wippets in our windows for fun.
Street walking tourists and locals alike are now caught gazing up at our windows in awe and confusion.


Gillian said...

the Wippets are taking over!!!
when do you guys usually film? I'd like to do another one :)

Jake Macher said...

send me a sticker, spread the love

Kathy said...

Love the new pictures (& Jimmy, reminds me of a bitey younger Caroline ;). Can you get Caroline to save a sticker for me? Thanks!

Steve from The MuppetCast said...

Congrats guys! Keep up the great work!