Sunday, November 12

The Wippets Blog is up & running!

Well here it is, the beginning of a production dairy for our amateur puppet shows. We put these on for fun, no rehearsal, no set building, no lighting. These are usually quite spontaneous sketches and acts.

Shot with a cheap digital camera, we come up with an idea and usually do it in one take. We're currently trying to write out songs and performances so we can plan out more stuff in the future. Until then please enjoy the quick spots we film for kicks here at the animation studio.

I acquired two muppet-quality puppets a couple months ago, with my busy schedule I haven't had much time to practice but come January I will be making a stronger effort to practice the very difficult craft of puppet-acting. I had been searching for generic muppet-style puppet monsters for years, I was thrilled to finally find some.

Here are photos of our current cast members, Barff & Spafford:


CarolineJarvis said...

Haha! Great pics Ronnie Ronnie Ronald! I have to ask though... what kind of message is Spafford sending to kids with those cancer sticks?!?! Bad Spafford Bad!

Ron said...

He's sending the message of: "If you smoke cigarettes you'll end up looking like him... so don't smoke." :)