Sunday, November 12

Episode 06

Barff gives Caroline some relationship advise.
I think these two will be returning for more performances very soon.
Can you feel the chemistry?

See Quicktime version here.


Sabrina Paulin said...

Hey Ron

I Love the Wippets!!! There Awsome! I really liked the one with Barf Giving Caroline relationship advice! And Rick Laffin Entertaining Barf. There just so Kewl. Keep it up and Im looking forward in having another staff meeting with the Wippets!

Anonymous said...

That was too cute ^_^

carpet2222 said...

SOooooo.Which one is the muppet.?!...If I had to guess...I say the one with the arm up the ass would have to be the one on the right!!..but thats just me...guessing? otherwise.

anne-renée said...

great voice for Barf!

Kathy said...

Good to see that your standards have improved Caroline :)