Tuesday, November 27

Bringing a Smile to a Baby's Face

Little Jonathan is pooping himself in astonishment.
That's what it's all about.

Sunday, November 25

Episode 86

Betty introduces her first educational class on Personal Health! Jimmy guest stars in this eye-opening lesson about that special time of the month.

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I've become a member of the Puppet Madness Community, (basically a YouTube for puppet videos). I've begun the long process of uploading all our archived episodes, and by doing so I ended up looking back at old episodes recorded nearly a year ago that I hadn't seen in many months. I definitely had a few laughs looking at those old clips again.

Personally I found that the characters began to be more consistent around Episode 40. It has taken me a while to figure out how to handle the puppets and practice voice characterizations, and I'm still very much an amateur. But I hope to improve more in the new year and try different things. Since last Spring, personalities gradually got more refined and the voices slowly changed to what they are today. Also by that point we were filming more stuff outdoors and had the puppets interact with many more different people.

We've already started planning for the big Episode 100 special, where I will attempt to raise the production value a bit with a longer format, multiple locations, and some actual music.

Thank you all for watching,
we are still a puppet troupe in the making.

Tuesday, November 13

Episode 85

Barff celebrates his first Birthday!

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Monday, November 12

Wippets turn 1 year old!!!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of our Wippets website! Thank you all for your support and help to make this first year of Wippets-mania a reality.

In the new year I hope to incorporate some slightly bigger production values to this web series, maybe build my own puppet from scratch! With 9 puppets in the family, and surely more to come in the next few months, the empire is slowly growing. Plans for more elaborate episodes are in the works for the up coming months.

Another interesting discovery; my stats counter informed me of how many times people would Google search "The Wippets", and I was surprised at how well it's managed so far.

30% of our hits come from people finding us through Google. 17 out of the first 20 listings are for this website, the rest are in regards of the Whippets greyhound dog breed, or The Wippets music band. So cheers to us for dominating the interwebs!

Locations of some visitors:

Saturday, November 10

Episode 84

Spafford meets CJ the Cheerleader, and now has second thoughts about looking for a girlfriend ever again.

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Monday, November 5

Episode 83

Mirco Chen meets Jimmy, with potentially mind-bending and earth-shattering results.

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