Monday, November 12

Wippets turn 1 year old!!!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of our Wippets website! Thank you all for your support and help to make this first year of Wippets-mania a reality.

In the new year I hope to incorporate some slightly bigger production values to this web series, maybe build my own puppet from scratch! With 9 puppets in the family, and surely more to come in the next few months, the empire is slowly growing. Plans for more elaborate episodes are in the works for the up coming months.

Another interesting discovery; my stats counter informed me of how many times people would Google search "The Wippets", and I was surprised at how well it's managed so far.

30% of our hits come from people finding us through Google. 17 out of the first 20 listings are for this website, the rest are in regards of the Whippets greyhound dog breed, or The Wippets music band. So cheers to us for dominating the interwebs!

Locations of some visitors:

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