Thursday, July 5

Random Photos

Jimmy, about to eat another baby.

Barff, getting some action!

We've sold 19 shirts so far!

It's Jimmy's turn to get some lovin'.
There's something about Spafford & Phil,
they don't seem to be getting much luck with the ladies.


spleenal said...

What is it about that barff?
How does he get all the women?
It's nice to see Jimmy gettin' some action. He looks like he needs it.

Is there a name for chicks who dig pupets?

Ron said...

What Barff lacks in confidence he more than makes up for in cute-shyness, soft-cuddlyness, good manners, and is great with kids, all factors many girl find adorable and charming.

As for a name for "chicks who dig puppets", I have never really thought about it. Maybe Chicklets, or Wippet Groupies... or "Whoopies". I think it's official, chicks who specifically love wippets, should be labeled Whoopies.