Thursday, July 5


Local soft sculpture artist Blythe Church, is responsible for our new Wippets cast members. I met her quite randomly through the friend of a friend at an art auction, I loved the designs of the knitted beasts she had on display, so I asked if she could make me bigger versions for puppet purposes. Sure enough, barely a week later, Lester & Roy were born.

See her website here.
See her blog here.

Blythe's monsters can be found in dark dusty corners, under furniture and in the back of closets. They live on belly button lint, stale crumbs, safety pins and buttons.
See her other creatures here.

They are a bit different from the usual Wippets style but they will be making appearances in new episodes soon, so keep visiting, and watch out for Barff's first encounter with Lester & Roy, it's sure to be entertaining!

Lester: Red Face
Roy: Blue Face

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