Thursday, August 6


YouTube is by far the largest ratings we have out of all the online sites I upload to, with 100 Subscribers, 123,000 Video Views, and 7,000 Channel Views. THANK YOU EVERYONE for subscribing and for coming back to keep up with the show!!! DailyMotion is definitely the most personable and supportive of our cause with their MotionMaker and CreativeContent avenues, they really love to promote original content.

Both video-hosting sites have changed their design a bit, it makes for the channel homepages to appear a bit nicer.

As you can tell, I've upgraded the BLOG a little bit, just to make it easier for people to subscribe to the feed. Don't be afraid to become a "FOLLOWER" of this site by going to the the sidebar and signing up. We have over 18,000 visitors on this blog so far, a big thanks to everyone who visits regularly. Coming soon: The BRAND NEW WIPPETS ONLINE STORE!!!

Remember, we're on Twitter... we don't know why, but we are!

Here's some old classics that had to get reallocated due to silly "copyright issues" with music publishers, but here they are, back with a vengeance. Most of these happen to be some of my all-time favorites because we had so much fun making them, make sure to check them out:

Episode 73

Episode 93

Episode 59

Episode 50

Episode 110

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