Monday, February 4

Episode 96

Barff seeks some relationship counseling from his good friend Jimmy.

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CarolineJarvis said...

GRRREEEAT!!! I've lost one true love forever to Coffee Shop girl!!! Why did I ever leave?!?! Whhhhyyyyy?!?!

chet said...

I'm just shootin from the hip here when I say (err, wait, I don't have hips) ... but anyway...

Coffee Shop girls are a dime a dozen! And if it's a Starbucks, well, then they're a dime a two-dozen (get it? Cuz there's so many Starbucks?) Of course, if we're talking about Canadian dimes and it's a coffee shop in the USA, then one has to factor in the strong Canadian dollar right now and, well, I'm not very good at math.

But suffice to say, coffee shop girls are a dime-a-dozen(ish). And NO coffee shop girl (or a dozen of them) will EVER equal a Caroline!

I wish you luck, though, Barff!!!

jon said...

Nice job. I love this episode.

CarolineJarvis said...

Thanks Chet!
I think your math is awesome... way better than mine!
You sure know how to make girrl feel special
Much love!