Monday, October 22

Ten Thousand Visitors!

We got 10,000 hits!!! and now averaging 140 individual video downloads per week!

Steve mentions The Wippets again at the end of The Muppetcast's Show 22 podcast... Without plugs like these our audience would be limited to our small circle of friends, many thanks!
And thanks to all these other new folks for linking us on their blog:
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Madhatter's Neverland
Character Design
Zee Puppetz
Caricatures By Don
The Illustration & Cartooning Blog
Halo of Bees
No Joy's Sideshow


Kelvin said...

Congrats! I hope to one day achieve that too!

Oh yeah, I also linked to your site, in case you didn't notice. =)

Nojoy said...

Gratz on the New record for the site!
Here's to another 10,000!

Thanks for the mention!