Friday, April 18


I'm very excited about these

They come 4 different sizes from toddlers to teenagers! Here they are listed below below, along with new adult version of Barff, Jimmy and Hep Cat as well.

All shirts are $18.89 Can/US + $5.00 Shipping.
Click on the image for a direct link to the online store.

Adult Sizes come in S, M, L, XL, XXL:

Thursday, April 17


Photos taken during an episode shoot.

Wednesday, April 16


Thanks to Cal at Strange Adventures for placing a link on his site.
Make sure to visit his shop at

Thanks to the folks at Dear Internets for mentioning
The Wippets and linking us on their blog,
keep up the entertaining podcasts!

Andrew at PuppetVision is a constant source
of advertising for me, I am continually in
gratitude to him for his help in making
The Wippets known to a wide audience.

Animation artists who link The Wippets
to their blogs and aid in spreading the love:

And several thanks to the many others who spread the word
about this simple little video podcast site!

In addition, thanks to Dailymotion for placing me on their
front page all of last week, the resulting exposure got
Episode 98 (Barff spells a new word) 2,500 hits!!!
That's the most "viral" a Wippets video has gotten
since Betty talked about sexually transmitted diseases in
Episode 95 (inexplicably scoring 4,500 views on YouTube).

So thank you all for the reviews & support.

Thursday, April 10

Inspiration - Part 5

YouTube has made all kinds of rare footage readily available to anyone, here's just one of many I find highly motivational.

Barff says hello to Jon Little

Tuesday, April 8

Motion Maker

So I got solicited to become a Dailymotion Filmaker for the video sharing website. Privileges that come with this new gig are stuff like being able to post videos longer than 10 or even 25 minutes long! Which will come in handy for my epic full-length episodes (if I can ever get around to filming/editing them).

Feel free to vote and leave comments on the Wippets channel here. See the Wippets Featured on the home page of the People & Family section of the website here.

The Wippets universe has now expanded just a little further through out the interwebs with the help of BlipTV. It's simply a more sophisticated version of YouTube, I'm currently uploading our episodes to this site as well.

In other news, Blinkx has also amassed a large collection of Wippets videos linked from all over the internet!

In addition Wippets are now on Miro for the purposes of infecting the Wippet Army across more world-wide internet channels.

Keep visiting us... the epic 100th episode will be soon upon us!
Don't worry, it will be well worth the wait... at least I hope so.

Wippets on Facebook!

It was only a matter of time until a Wippets Fan Page was created, nothing fancy, just some photo albums and stuff like that. See the link here, and join up!

Sunday, April 6

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The more comments you leave on this blog or on my YouTube Channel the more I know how much you guys love The Wippets, so please, let me know what you like best, which episodes you preferred and what new ideas you'd like to see get done.

Thank you all for your regular visits and feedback!