Monday, April 30

Episode 49

Phil talks with an obsessed fan, with disturbing results.

See Quicktime here.

Monday, April 23

Episode 48

The entire Wippets gang all come together at once,
for the first time, to wish Caroline a Happy Birthday from Kathy.

See Quicktime here.

Phil gets a job interview with Tom Baasner on the street corner!

Here's a clip of the footage on the local weather news:

Here's the whole interview, some of the sound is hard to make out with all the background noise, notice the lack of interest from passing pedestrians:

Friday, April 20

Episode 47

Dr. Don Pinsent makes an important presentation regarding analytical behavioral patterns between monsters & humans. His subject on this day was Spafford. Witness his ground-breaking psychological profiling skills at work.
See Quicktime here.

Tuesday, April 17

Wippets T-Shirts!!!

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Friday, April 13

Episode 46

Spafford jams with Kid Baron guitarist, Adam Gunn.

See Quicktime here.

Wednesday, April 11

Voice Test

Experimenting with finding a voice for Phil.

Friday, April 6

Episode 45

Spafford is shocked over Caroline's new hair.

See Quicktime here.

Introducing PHIL

Briefly named Ronnie The Ron Puppet,
Philip is now the newest Wippets cast member.
He hosted the latest staff meeting at the animation studio.

Wednesday, April 4

Puppet Building

I must say I love the process. Though I did the least amount of work (drawing). It was an exciting time. I had fed the puppet builder all the info he needed to construct this awesome guy. With lots of back and forth and revisions, we finally locked the design, 100 hours of labour later, and viola, Ronnie is born. I'm not entirely happy with the name, but that's it for now.
Built by the talented Jarrod Boutcher.

Sunday, April 1

Episode 44

The repercussions of April Fools Day have profound affects on Barff.

See Quicktime here.

Episode 43

Spafford has some urgent medical news for Caroline!

See Quicktime here.